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Meet the Team

Leadership Team


Ms. Diallo

Director of School Operations

Ms. Brissett 

Academic Deans

Ms. Lim, Kindergarten/ 1st Grade Academic Dean

Ms. Hamilton, Special Services Dean

Mrs. Thomas, 2nd Grade Academic Dean

Mrs. Choe, 3rd Garde Academic Humanities Dean 

Ms. Connel, 4th Grade Academic Dean

Learning Specialists Team

Arts & Wellness Team

Ms. Ricketts - Social Worker

Ms. Rouff - Social Worker

Ms. Gray - Culture Assistant

Mr. Richards - Fitness 

Mr. Howser - Art

Ms. Boyer - Music

Operations Team

Ms. Moyer - Student Services Manager

Ms. Weiss - Student Services Manager

Mr. Crevecoeur - Office Coordinator

Mrs. Green - Principal's Assistant

Academic Team


Ms. Norman - Howard University

Ms. Williams - Howard University 

Ms. Jones - Jackson State 

Ms. Domond - Jackson State

1st Grade

Ms. Ord - Binghamton University 

Ms. Contreras -Binghamton University 

Ms. Stephens - Trinity Washington

Ms. Richardson- Trinity Washington

2nd Grade

Ms. Cohen - University Of Virginia 

Ms. Kenny - University Of Virginia 

Ms. Hall - New York University

Ms. Cummings - New York University

Ms. Ojo- Tuskegee University

Ms. Dennis - Tuskegee University

3rd Grade

Ms. Charles - Cornell University

Ms. Brookes - Cornell University

Ms. Ergin - University of Chicago

Mrs. Moore - University of Chicago

Ms. Ergin- Stanford University

Mr. Thomann - Stanford University

4th Grade

Ms. Pettaway - SUNY Old Westbury

Mr. Samuel - SUNY Old Westbury

Ms. Lancaster - Texas State University

Ms. Nelson - Texas State University

Ms. Moore - Brooklyn College

Mr. Ross - Brooklyn College

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