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Our families are our greatest asset, especially when it comes to getting the word about Linden Elementary. Many of our current students have come from referrals from our amazing families. Parent referrals are priceless! Help us continue to get the word out about Achievement First Linden Elementary School. Encourage your friends, family members and neighbors to become a member of the Linden community by applying today! Share with them all the great work we are doing to ensure scholars are successful beyond the classroom. 


Applications for the 2023 - 2024 school year are being acceptedLinden Elementary is accepting applications for scholars entering Kindergarten - 4th Grade. Siblings (scholars who share at least one legal guardian) of a current Linden scholar and live in the same household, will automatically be accepted to where seats are available. To be eligible for Kindergarten, scholars must have been born by December 31st, 2018.


To learn more about the Achievement First Network, downloading our brochure.  Join us for a virtual information session by registering here.

It is quick and simple.  Families can apply online by clicking here and select Linden Elementary as your first choice!  

What makes Linden Elementary special? Why Choose Us?

  • We believe that ALL scholars should feel seen, known, heard and loved in their classrooms.

  • Our scholars significantly outperform their peers at other schools in reading, math, & science from K-4

  • A dedicated staff of teachers who love and care about our students and families & are accessible to parents

  • We do not limit our expectations of our scholars; We have a high standard & bar for which we expect them to perform.

  • An incredible arts & wellness department that supports the development of the whole child

  • We affirm and celebrate the identities of our scholars through whole school community circle and daily classroom circles

  • Culturally responsive teaching based on the demographic of our scholars

  • Our demographic of teachers & staff have similar backgrounds & shared cultural experiences with the majority of our scholars

Parent Testimonials

Mrs. Friday (Parent of  3rd & 4th Grade Scholars)- I am married with two girls Leah Friday, age 9 years old and Patricia Friday, age 8 years old.  We have been part of the Achievement First Linden Elementary school family for five years now. Both of my daughters started AF Linden in Kindergarten and our experience has been wonderful!  My two girls have really come into their own person by attending AF Linden. They have grown to be hard workers and take their education serious; I give part of that credit to AF Linden.  We have worked together so my children can reach their goals in school. I truly thank their teachers and the staff for their hard work.  My 8-year-old daughter, Patricia, had some challenges when it came to her speech and with the help of her teachers, her speech therapist and all the staff working with her and showing her so much love. It brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy that my children are part of a school that believes in care, love, and growth of their scholars. I am happy to be part of a school that is more than just staff, they are family. This is what Achievement First believes in; it’s called the Linden Values - "What will we do? We show Love, Integrity, Never Give Up, Dreams, Enthusiasm, No limits, Every day, Every day, Hooray!”

Ms. Haynes (Parent of 3rd Grade Scholar)- The academics at AF Linden are exceptional. The school pride is amazing! The teachers and staff are nurturing and loving while providing the structure, guidance and confidence that my daughter needs. I also love the overall communication and support given by administrators. AF Linden Rocks!

Ms. Barrow (Parent of 1st Grade Scholar)- We as a family are not new to "charter life". However we are new to achievement first linden. When looking for an elementary school for my son Jace,  we knew we wanted a school that set the bar high enough for him to work to achieve his goals. When Jace started achievement  first linden for kindergarten, it was a different experience for him with longer days and more challenging work. We were blessed with very warming teachers Ms.Stephens AND Ms.Cashen who made the transition easier for him. Jace finished kindergarten on  the 2nd grade level on st math. 

Ms. Ambrose(Parent of 1st Grade Scholar)- When Rylee was born we always wanted what was best for her no matter what and school was the biggest thing. We wanted to put her somewhere safe, with a staff we can trust and knowing she is leaving with learning something new. Due to these circumstances and these times of remote learning which puts so much strain on these young scholars. I shall say that AF Linden does it BEST! In the beginning of this remote learning transition, Ms. Wingate and Ms.Susman have been very organized, motivating, and they make this virtual learning thing so easy. In the matter of two days Rylee was already in love with them and they gave me confirmation that this was the right choice of placing her at AF LINDEN ELEMENTARY! Thank you. 

Mr. Nahshal (Parent of KG, 2nd & 3rd  Grade Scholars) - "I am very satisfied since having my 3 scholars join AF Linden and the AF school system. The staff and administration are great, helpful and enthusiastic about their jobs and most importantly making a difference in the lives of each and every student. I see this each and every day from the great teachers and the all of the school personnel. Every day starts with a message of encouragement and goal-driven motivation which is instilled in my children and that is a unique and great idea. The teachers are very responsive and communicate with me very often and are always available even during the school session. It is also great that there are multiple assisting teachers in each classroom. Lastly, Principal Baez is an inspiration to all and I appreciate the weekly messages she sends out to the parents. 

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